Thursday, June 19, 2008

Azzaro Couture Perfume

A new pricey, exclusive fragrance is coming from Fashion house Azzaro, in October. It is a new version of one of their original scents Couture. The Face of the ad campaign is Brit socialite( and onetime friend of Princess Diana) Jemima Khan. I adore Ms.Khan and think she is a great choice. She is also donating her fee to UNICEF , for which she is an ambassador. Good show.

"The original Azzaro Couture fragrance, a floral-chypre, was created in 1974. The new one, the work of Givaudan’s Aurélien Guichard, is a little more floral, and a little less heavy, in a way that aims to maintain the identity of its predecessor, but in a more contemporary way."

In the US it will be at Neiman Marcus; in London Harvey Nichols; and in France Bon Marché, Sephora Champs-Elysées and, of course, the Azzaro Boutique in Paris .

"The updated juice is composed of five absolutes, a rarity in contemporary perfumery given the costs involved. These absolutes are mimosa, rose de mai, iris, ambrette seed, and galbanum."

It sounds rather lovely.

Prices will be steep unfortunately at euro 170, €140 and €90, respectively.


Anonymous said...

Khan seems like a very nice and even intelligent woman, but she is not model material. She always looks so uncomfortable in her own skin - and even in this picture, her face is blank and there is absolutely no hint of a certain charisma. She almost looks miserable. Someone like Rachel Weisz would've been a nice fit for the way they described the product in the PR: a seductive woman that you want to know more about. Weisz radiates allure!

But since this is an expensive one, I'm sure Khan can help sell it to her society friends. Let's see if there are better stills to come.

Beauty Alchemist said...

agree that it's not the best pic. maybe better are to come.

Anonymous said...

She looks awkward all the time anyway, don't think I've seen a pic of her where she radiates any charisma whatsoever. But good one on donating her fee to Unicef...not that she can't afford to, huh!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the model in the picture is Jemima.