Friday, June 6, 2008

MAC Gold Lippies

I got my hands on the new Sunsonic gold lipstick from Neo Sci Fi today, and as with most gold lipsticks, loved it. A bit paler than I usually like, though, I decided to do a bit of comparison when realizing that I have many golds from MAC dating back to the 90s. So here is a shot of them( or at least the ones I could think of).

Left to right are : Frenzy, the original old Frenzy - circa mid 90s, Apres Sol, 1N and Sunsonic.

Apres Sol beats them all in my book. It is the best color. I use it sparingly to make it last. That said, they are all pretty nice, and Sunsonic is out now.
So whats your favorite of the golds?


Anonymous said...

Is apr├Ęs sol still available if so how much is it ? Thank you

The Beauty Alchemist said...

Anon- Apres Sol was LE back then. So it's not still available. I can rec To Catch a Sailor from Naughty Nauticals if it's still out. It's very similar but not quite the same.