Saturday, June 28, 2008

Timberlake and Hartnett do Fragrance

The celeb endorsed fragrance trend continues apace. Josh Hartnett is the new face for Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men, and Justin Timberlake fronts the new Givenchy Play scent.
Play hits France in September, but won't be in US until next year.

My question, well one of them, is will men want a scent called Diamonds for Men ? or a Justin Timberlake scent ? And is it me or do these ads look extremely similar?

Just in case you want to know, the notes for the Armani include : bergamot, gaïac, cedarwoods, vetiver, Szechuan pepper, cocoa and ambroxan.

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the movie mommy said...

Hartnett is overrated. Timberlake I look at anytime! So, if you put his cologne on your man...does he look more like Justin?