Monday, July 14, 2008

Lancome Maharani Jewels Fall 08

Welcome to my Jewels of India.

Lancome's fall colors are Maharani jewels with the oh so pretty Elephant bronzer compact. I think every blogger so far has fallen madly for this. It was hard to actually use it, but I wanted to let you know what the color really was like. First off the shimmer is an overspray. The actual bronzer has just a touch of shimmer and is a medium shade. Not too dark . I started using it a blush but then thought it wasn't dark enough so went with the all over bronzer look. It was nice and pretty natural when applied lightly. The orange part of the elephant is gorgeous and the pink is light.

(PS mine took a fall somewhere , so thats why there are chunks out of it.) The price is $36.50 which I think is great. So many LE palettes are priced much higher. This is an affordable luxury and a useful one too. Who doesn't want to maintain some color into fall?

To complement the Indian theme I added in my bracelets from India. My dearest friend's hubby is from there and likes to shop, has great taste in jewelry and doesn't mind trucking things home for me. The gold one is just that, solid 23 kt gold. Widely available there and much less expensive, at least until the recent gold hike. The other two are gold plated with seed pearls and I am told cost about 20.00 US for both. Now thats a bargain. I love these and for summer , they are a wear all the time piece.

So... if you or anyone you know is headed to India, get them to shop for you too.

Lancome has opened up in India this year which is part of the reason for the new color.

The collection also has:
Maharani Juicy Tubes -
Mango Mystere , Guava Enchantment ,and Autumn Jasmine. Suggested Retail Price: $18.00

Le Crayon Khôl Kajal -
India Ink , Amber Night ,Smoky Henna. Suggested Retail Price: $23.50

Maharani Color Design Eye Shadow Quads -
Lotus Splendor palette:with its earthy brown, peach and copper eye shadows.
Secrets of Benghal palette: features soft pink, dusty mauve, eggplant and highlighting shadows. Suggested Retail Price: $40.00

All items are on counters now and at

You can do a search for sites selling Indian bracelets as well. I have seen some, but not order from any, so can't really recommend one.

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