Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redken Headset 25 Hairspray- Simply the Best Hold

This is a review I've been meaning to do for awhile. These super hot, steamy days of floppy hair seems the time to finally write it.

Last September, my first time going to Fashion week in NY it was 95 degrees out. I have easy hair, thick and not frizzy or prone to falling ,but in that humid heat , the kind we are having now, well often it does. If my hair flops in the heat, you know it's bad.

Knowing I would be on the go all day plus the commute, I needed something to keep my hairstyle in place. My mom, who should be called the hair alchemist had this Redken Headset that she had bought and was unable to use ( too strong for her fine hair) and told me if I used this my hair would not move all day. It didn't. We sprayed my piecey parts and styled them a bit, and off I went. A miracle of a hairspray , thats all. Even harder holding than Sebatian Shaper Plus, which is great but softer by a bit.

Since then whenever I need all day hairspray this is what I reach for.

Now- this is a hard spray. It is a freezing spray. It is not an aerosol and will get crunchy on the hair if you overspray. It is not for fine, damaged hair really. If your hair can take it though, this stuff will not move. This winter I had another all day outing in the colder weather I used it for. I didn't brush it all out at night, so woke up the next day at my hotel with a still almost perfect style.

So, thanks mom for trying almost every hair product out there.

Redken Headset sells for around $13-15.00

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drfelle said...

I know I shouldn't be so bitter when I see these hair products. But being a middle-aged woman and losing my hair I wish I would see more Hair Loss Product Reviews. I would love to get to the point where I was really interested in Redken Hairspray. Oh well, it doesn't keep me from reading.