Friday, July 25, 2008

LUSH gives you Porridge

Whew, the end of busy, bit stressful week. One reason the posts haven't been as up to par as I would like.

For today we have a new soap from LUSH. Most of their soaps sound lovely, but I have only been able to smell a few since until recently the nearest LUSH was 2 states away.

Porridge soap is out July 28th and smells like molasses. Nice for fall. It's a blend of oats, orange juice and sweet orange oil. It's a breakfast bar.

Those oats will be exfoliaters as well as good for skin issues.

Porridge is 5.95 for 1/4 lb.

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theminx said...

They're opening a Lush store in the mall up the road from me!