Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nix'ie Cosmetics

At the Makeup Show back in May I saw Nix'ie cosmetics. I fell in love right off with the Large Fan Brush . The whole line looked good, so I tried some more products. Nix'ie is a professional line but also available to and usable by anyone who loves makeup.( and they are cruelty free)

They have a large amount of products available and the Mineral eyeshadow shades number 200.
I tried out the Blush trio, Tinted Lip Balms, and Even Skin Mousse foundation. I liked everything a lot.

The blush trio (Brilliant , shown above)was really pretty and very pigmented. It has tons of shimmer and seems like it might be sheer, but it is not . There's a lot of pigment there. It's a very soft, silky texture due to oils in the formula. This makes it great at blending, but if you have super oily skin, it may be iffy. I loved the pinks here, which are not colors I usually go right for. These really brightened me up.
They have their own tinted lip balms, which yes I loved. ( I said yesterday that I would have another to talk about today and here it is) These are sheer-ish but again pack a lot of pigment. You get almost full color, and super moisture . I have it in Fruit Punch ( also shown above) and it is a full on fuschia.

The Even Skin Mousse foundation was one that intriqued me most. Been awhile since I have seen a mousse foundation in a bottle. This doesn't come out as a total mousse but sort of. On skin it's a nice semi matte that has lasted fairly well despite the intense heat here. The ingredients lists a touch of oil at the bottom of the list so, I think come cooler weather this will be even better for me. I like the finish a lot and the coverage is medium. It's more matte than I thought it would be and thats good. There is a huge amount of shades, so there has to be one for any skintone.

It's always fun finding new brands and products, something I need to do more of, so I'm glad I ran into Nix'ie.

Nix'ie is available at and a few salons/boutiques throughout the US. List is on the site.
They also have listed organic body lotions, which I think will be next to try.

Blush trio $ 27.00
Lip Balm $ 14.00
Even Skin Foundation $ 29.00

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