Friday, October 31, 2008

Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Holiday 2008

I have always liked the Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks but with the exception of 2006's Gold and the older Apricot, none were for me. They were always very pink. Pretty- but not me.

The new Copper Diamond Shimmerbrick is me, me, me. The colors, the new leather like cover instead of the black. I know I gush, and I gush over most makeup, but that becuase I love it all so much. If a beauty blogger doesn't love it who will?

The Copper Diamond brick has nice pigment , not too sheer so it can be a blush on very pale skin or mixed with a deeper one. I want to use it as blush not just a highlighter. So much better that way.

Then there is new Glitter Lip Balm. Yes, tinted , sparkly lip balm. There isn't much else to say unless it came in a tube which would be even better. Love it. Again it comes in Copper. A Copper lip balm. Ms. Brown, I love you.

If you need any ideas for a little gift for someone this may be it. It comes in Crystal ( clear, for the color shy) and Pink Crystal and Copper Diamond. So one for everyone. Bobbi Brown also makes tinted lip balms in a tube. Just broke one out last week for the wild ,windy days we got and it was so moisturizing with loads of color. I reviewed those earlier this year.

These new Glitter ones are shiny with sparkle but they really aren't too glitter-y. No disco ball look , just nice shimmer. Very moisturizing . I've had mine on for the last 2 hours and it's still very much there, so they last well too. In the pan they are a bit hard, not goopy, but once you get them on your brush or finger, they go on easily.

Rounding out the collection are new Metallic eyeshadows and Glitter Lip Gloss. All are singles but can also be put in the customizable palettes. Shown in my picture are Eyeshadow in Glitz ( more gold than it seems in the pic) and Glitter Gloss in Velvet Rope( a bronze-red beauty). The gloss has this cute flip top cover under the main lid too.

New also is Everything/Lash Glamour Mascara Duo.

So get your party on and get glittering.

All this will on counters in November& online at

Glitter Lip Balms $ 19.00

Copper Diamond Shimmerbrick $ 40.00

Glitter Lip Gloss Collection ( All new and LE) $ 19.00
Soirée Pink Glitter Lip Gloss
Ball Glitter Lip Gloss
Disco vGlitter Lip Gloss
Martini Glitter Lip Gloss
Velvet Rope Glitter Lip Gloss
Rave Glitter Lip Gloss

Metallic Eyeshadow Collection( All New and LE) $ 20.00
Glitz Metallic Eye Shadow
Bonfire Metallic Eye Shadow
Indigo Nights Metallic Eye Shadow
After Hours Metallic Eye Shadow
Bash Metallic Eye Shadow
Pink Chandelier Metallic Eye Shadow

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