Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zelens Intensive Triple Action Eye Cream

Zelens skin science is a new brand to me, I have read it about it many times, but only just started using the Intensive Triple Action Eye cream. I am always looking for a great eye cream and this one hasn't disappointed.

It is highly moisturizing but is a gel/cream in consistency so it it is never greasy and sinks right in. It has a nice firming feel on the skin and smells great . The scent is very green tea like and reminds me a lot of Bulgari Eau parfumee au the vert or Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea.

Can I tell you one of the best parts- it comes in the cutest box. I know, it's about the cream not the box, but the box is this great Zen looking box with a drawer pull . Inside is your 15 ml jar of eye cream.

Zelens eye cream has an exclusive blend of 20 natural , active ingredients. Ingredients include Shea butter,almond oil, aloe vera, CoQ10, Borage oil ( one of the only oils to go deeper than the top layer of the epidermis, and a fav of mine to locate in moisturizers),Gingko and more. The whole list is on the website.

The eye cream is said to really combat puffiness( which thankfully I don't have so can't attest to), tighten and smooth. I can say it tightens and smooths.

Zelens was began by Dr. Marko Lens, a plastic surgeon , as a skincare line to treat all the environmental stressors on our skin. There are several more products in the line .

You can find a worldwide stockist list at, products available there and , and at Bliss World.

Intensive Triple Action Eye Cream sells for $ 160.00 for 15 ml.

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