Thursday, September 3, 2009

L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Eye Duo

L'Oreal's newest eye product is a two sided tube that gives you treatment for day and night. It's a nifty idea. No need for separate creams for each. Space saving.

This was my first time using any of the Revitalift line and I am all about eye creams, so I used it for 2 weeks to give it a good trial.

I liked it but don't love it. I can't see me giving up my favorite eye creams for it, but I do think it's nicely done and a good basic eye set.

I love the two sided idea. AM has SPF 15 and PM Pro-Retinol. I found both sides to be lightly moisturizing . They sink in quickly , and are not heavy. Being that I use eye cream all the time, I can't this made the tiny lines any better. About the same. It is supposed to be for deep set wrinkle. I don't know how well it would work on them. One thing I would like to know the percentage of retinol. That would give a better idea of how strong it is.

All in all, for the price ( approx. 15.00) it's worth it ( ok, no pun intended there).You need to use eye cream, and one that treats and has SPF is important. This is an all in one and easily accessible .

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Big City Beauty said...

i just saw an ad for this and was wondering how it was... great idea but i'm sure its probably not the best of eye creams as you said. seems like a great travel piece though! very convenient! and for the price... that works! ;)