Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sebastian at Costello Tagliapietra

Sebastian has always been one of my top hair brands. They only did a few shows this fashion week season, but the looks from Costello Tagliapietra were so pretty.

The stylist gives tips on how you can recreate some of this at home.

(The makeup here was done by MAC using Industry Powerpoint on eyes, Studio MoistureTint applied where needed, Optimistic Orange Creme Blush and Ember (new) Lipglass.)

To do a modern twist on a ‘40s staple, Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin recommends a method of building texture and shape with techniques that keep the hair looking soft, romantic and not too “done.” Finish with an elastic touchable texturizer or flexible shine spray to create a look that’s elegant yet playful.

Here’s how to create your own ‘40s inspired faux bob:
1) Apply Sebastian Professional Texturizer to damp hair; distribute evenly throughout.
2) Blow hair out straight with a medium to large-sized round brush.
3) Spray hair with a flexible hairspray for added texture, section hair, curl it with a medium-sized barrel curling iron and set.
4) Take out pins, gently brush out the curls and then roll hair under, section by section, fastening it under at the neck with bobby pins.
5) Apply Microweb Fiber to hands and gently work through the front of the hair to create an imperfect, lived-in effect. Finish by misting with a strong-hold hairspray.

Products used:
Texturizer – Flexible bodifying liquigel for bendable texture
Microweb Fiber – Elastic texturizer for malleable, touchable texture
ReShaper – Brushable, humidity-resistant strong hold hairspray
Shine Define – The ultimate versatile hairspray for shine and flexible hold *(One of my absolute fav, best hairsprays )

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