Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stains

When a makeup artist talks you listen. So thats what I did, when I met Quinn Murphy, friend of a friend in the beauty biz , a sweetheart of a guy and a makeup artist who has done up Mariah Carey , and Miranda Kerr among others.

We chatted about long wear products and he mentioned he really loved the Cover Girl Outlast lip stains. I'd seen the ads, was vaguely intrigued, now of course I had to get some.

Here's the deal. They really do last well. Maybe not all day , but I get a good 5 hours wear at least. These pack a lot of pigment, too. No sheer stain here. They look like real lipstick color. They work fine on their own or layered. I like to apply Chaptick True Shimmers over mine or a light cream/gloss and they still hold up really well.

Cover Girl had their celeb makeup artist Jake Bailey ( he did Kyra Sedgewick for the Emmys last week) at the CVS Reinventing Beauty Suite during Fashion week and although I didn't have time to talk to him, I heard from another blogger a tip- apply the stain with a brush. Now it's a felt tip marker , but I tried it and it works . You get more precision lining, but really the pen is super easy to use as is.

image- www.covergirl.com and Jake Bailey at CVS Reinventing Beauty Suite by The Beauty Alchemist


the movie mommy said...

My mom is a fan of lip stains. I think she gave me my first one from either Mary Kay or Body shop. They are nice and wear off nicely as well. They don't wear off the minute you eat something like most lip stick.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed with the outlast lip stain pen. I have only used it three times and already it is drying out. It also tastes terrible and feels very dry on your lips on its own. I wouldn't bother with this product again, a real money waster!!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Anon- sorry to hear you didn't enjoy them. They really seemed less dry to me than most I've tried but everyone is different. As I said in the post, using a little gloss on top works great. That would give you moisture .

I didn't notice any taste at all.
Maybe you got old stock somehow, but that shouldn't matter. Just guessing.

But there are plenty of lip products in the sea, so hopefuly the next one will be better.