Monday, September 14, 2009

Vapour Organic Cosmetics

Vapour is an all organic line and a collab between a longtime company in New Mexico interested in making non toxic products for women and Eric Sakas, who spent years working with the legendary Kevyn Aucoin. Together they have created a line that uses as many certified organic ingredients as possible and mineral pigments. Each product listing gives you the percentage and full ingredient list.

Vapour's formulas are mostly creams. The foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadows , lipstick.
I gravitated to the lipsticks, as all products first ingredient is Sunflower oil. I knew I couldn't wear any foundation/ blush with that in it.

I find the lipsticks to be very long wearing which is nice. Siren Knock Out( shown) is going to be the perfect berry for fall. It dries down to a nice stain . Since these last well, they make great bases under other colors as well. Despite the oil in them, they are not as creamy as you would think. A bit drier and they take some blending.

There is also a great clear lip conditioner called Lux that is super moisturizing. This one is 95 % organic .The Illusionist concealer is also quite good. Again, a harder formula but once you get it going it blends well and covers nicely. The tiny tube is a great one to carry in your purse .

I am not a fan of the packaging though. One of my tubes of lipstick stopped turning after 1 use. It broke somehow. The others have moments when they don't go back down well. If they correct this, they will be on their way to an even better product.

Vapour is currently only at as far as I know, but I wouldn't doubt more distribution is on the way.

Illusionist concealer $ 20.00
Siren lipstick $19.00
Lux Lip Conditioner $ 16.00


SUDS said...

I absolutely LOVE Vapour's organic line. What goes on your skin, does get absorbed into your body.... These are amazing!!

Mineral Cosmetics said...

People always assume that if it is organic that it will not be able to cover and conceal as other makeups do. what they dont understand is that mineral makeup can cover better and more than other makeup brands.

organic cosmetics