Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Burn Notice- Fiona's Makeup

Summer TV is back and with it Burn Notice. I enjoy the show but one of things I always seem to pay most attention to is how great Fiona's makeup is.

She rocks a perfect nude lip almost every episode and of course being in Miami, has a golden glow. I was thrilled , then, to see an article in the most recent issue of On Makeup magazine on the show's makeup and interview with head artist Erin Koplow.

So if you too have wondered what goes into the look, wonder no more.

Koplow uses Origins Tinted Moisturizer topped with La Bella Donna Mineral Foundation in Umbria. Over that she uses either NARS Muliple in Orgasm or Origins Sunny Disposition to create a glow that comes from within. She lines her eyes with Le Clerc Topaz liner and smudges.

Lips are lined with Le Clerc Subtil or Chantecaille lip definer in Nuance and topped with a sheer coat of MAC Slimshine in Bare or Chantecaille Sari Rose. Mascara is Chantecaille.

Koplow calls Fiona's look " Hot" and a "California brunette beach sex kitten". She tries to make her luminous without products sitting on top of the skin. Gabrielle Anwar herself does up the all over body glow Fiona sports most days.

Burn Notice new season starts June 3.

All information : On Makeup Magazine Spring 2010


Alexandra said...

I'm a huge fan of this show and am always drooling over her outfits and makeup. Thanks for this post!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Aleksis.

DivaDebbi said...

eI like it too! Great escapist entertainment!!! I always find myself staring at "Fiona's" lips. I am pretty her upper lip is enhanced...sometimes it looks larger than the lower. Regardless, she is adorable!