Sunday, August 22, 2010

Laura Mercier " What is Flawless " campaign

Laura Mercier, has  launched a new, fun and interesting campaign called “What Is Flawless?”

The idea is to get the conversation started on what everyone's individual idea of flawless is, and how it covers so many areas and is not simply about specific beauty.

My answer - My mom.   I could list  so many more, but she was my first  thought.

Plus, for each answer submitted the company will donate to the Gulf Relief Foundation $ 1.00 (with maximun final donation being up to $ 50,000). It's an easy way to help the Gulf without taking any money from your own pocket.
How to submit:


You can also  follow Laura Mercier on Twitter @lauramercier (#whatisflawless).  or Facebook:!/lauramerciercosmetics?ref=ts

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