Tuesday, August 31, 2010

philosophy Fall 2010 and Crispy Marsmallow Bars 3 in 1

Fall 3 in 1s have arrived from philosophy.   One of the new scents  is Crispy Marshmallow Bars. This smells caramelized vanilla nutty, and is a fairly light scent, but oh so good. 

 Candy Corn, called i love Candy Corn, makes it's  welcome return and also new is Cookies and Cream.  I gave Candy Corn bottles to both my dad and uncle and they were mad for them.  Both are  big, tough guys who normally use Lever 2000 or such,  so you know these  are not for ladies only.

 All of these  are  LE and online at Sephora.com    and http://www.nordstrom.com/  now.

The fall lineup hits http://www.philosophy.com/ shortly.

Retail  for each is $ 16.00

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