Monday, August 30, 2010

LORAC Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow Base

Sometimes you find a great  product without even trying. This happened when I got the LORAC   Private Affair Palette.

I noticed one of the  drawers had the brand's eyeshadow primer in it.   As I've mentioned numerous times, I have major eye makeup melt.  Urban Decay's primer works ok at best, Bare Escentuals was much better and recently I've been using L'Oreal's Magic Perfecting Base as eye base, which has worked best of all.  Now I have the LORAC base and think at last I have found the one for me that helps beat my very  oily eyelids into submission.

This gives me  long wear , which for me translates usually into half a day or a bit longer, before I begin to see fading.  For those who have less melt issues, you may get far longer. To get that much out of  it was major for me.
LORAC products kind of fly under the radar, hence my not even noticing this before. Well that and I have somewhat given up on finding a truly great primer for me.

One of the key things with Behind The Scenes , is that it is oil free.  It is creamy and thick but not too much of either and dried quickly.

Available at   and  for $ 20.00

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Anonymous said...

Love the Lorac line...especially the Couture Shine Lipgloss. It's written about on Be You Only Better ( Love love love the colors!

Laura Kronen
Lifestyle Coach / Image Consultant
Be You Only Better