Friday, October 8, 2010

Ellis Faas Eye Lights

Meet my new love- Ellis Faas Eye Lights. The most metallic eye shadow I've tried. I like my metallics molten and these are right there. This kind of metal isn't easy to find. The one thing I have that comes close is MAC Gold Metal pigment.

Ellis describes these  as having a metallic sheet on your eye. That's it exactly.

The shade shown in my photo is E303. It's very copper and highly pigmented.   I also have the platinum shade E301, shown in the image from the company website.  These apply  easily , you only need a little. They do take a bit of time to dry but  once they are dry,  they are ON. Yes, they last and last even on me the makeup melt queen. Did I mention how much I love them?

You get a very metallic, shiny ,wet look but with a dry , smooth lasting eye shadow.

Light is available in 5 shades. Besides those mentioned there are also  greenish gold,  lilac and holographic Bordeaux.

Retail is $ 42.00

New  to the  Ellis Fass website also is US dollar currency and a US shipping port on the website. Those ordering from the US can now shop in dollars and shipping will be from NJ, refelcting better shipping costs and times.

Lastly,  the line will also launch in all Space NK locations very shortly. It's a great line so check it  out if you can.

Also available at Bergdorfs.

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