Sunday, October 17, 2010

YSL Belle D'Opium

I've had my eye on Belle D'Opium the new perfume from YSL since they had a  celeb filled preview launch party in summer.  While I wasn't into the original Opium , it's still iconic and a well done fragrance. I  also know it will never be recreated. That's not what YSL is doing here.   I had hopes for Belle D'Opium and thank the perfume gods, it's been borne out.

Belle D'Opium is lovely. It's almost a chypre, with plenty of chypre qualities and that alone is cause for celebration. So few do chypres these days . So kudos to YSL for going that route at least a little.

It's also   fruity and oriental. The beginning starts with fruit and hint of the oakmoss that categorizes a chypre.   The early notes  I get are the peach and lily , then the oakmoss and patchouli come in. I really don't get the smoke notes of narguile and incense much. There is definite amber by the drydown . Even though there are fruit notes it's not overly sweet. Far more than Opium maybe, but not as much as many other scents out there today. Nor is it as complex as Opium. Few fragrances are these days though, sadly.  It is still one of the better new scents I've tried this season.  It's all woman , not a girl nor girly.

Sillage is medium as is lasting power.  I expected major lasting with this one and  it doesn't quite live up to that.  But it is not so strong as re-spritzing during the day would be a problem. I am thinking that the body lotion here would be a great choice  .

Notes ( per Osmoz and not the official ones, so they may differ a bit )

Top notes:
Mandarin Orange, Lily, Gardenia, White Flowers

Middle notes:
Frankincense, Peach, Pepper, Tobacco, Hookah Accord( narguile), Fruity Notes

Base notes:
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Smoky Notes, Amber

$ 49.00 for 1 oz
$ 69.00 for 1.6 oz
$89.00 for 3 oz

Available now at, as well as Macys and Nordstrom.

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