Sunday, October 24, 2010

Estee Lauder Holiday Extravagant Gold Eye Palette

Estee Lauder's new Holiday eye palette- Extravagant Gold may be , for me personally, one of the best palettes ever. Not that I would have said that when I first saw the images of it and I had no idea just how nice it was.   Why ? It's packed with golds, bronzes and neutrals. All are shades I wear almost every day .  This could easily be a  staple group of shadows . If like me, you wear these colors all the time and look best in  them, it's worth checking out. Packaging is pretty, the shadows are long lasting  and you have  them all in one.

The Extravagant Gold Eye Palette is $ 42.00 and LE.

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Marken said...

good collection of nail paints colore !!it can be wear every day with each dress nice packes with golds,bronzes, neutrals and all shades.......
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