Monday, December 27, 2010

Bobbi Brown Mini Brights Palette

One of the fun gifts this year was the Bobbi Brown Mini Brights Palette. Loved this when I first saw an image months ago and it was slated only for international. Then it came to US on the offical website only. I wasn't expecting to get my very own and am happy I did.

The palette has the tiny "dots" of color of the original Brights palette but most of these are frost or shimmers which I like even better. It's a smallish  palette ,so this is perfect not only for every day use but for travel or stashing in your bag. Every color you could need is basically here , and  to go from  soft daytime look to smoky evening eye is a cinch.

My favorite shadow might be Midnight Metallic Shadow. Not a shade I normally would think of for me, but it's such a pretty deep blue shimmer. ( It's the next to last dot  in the row above the brush.)

You can see the whole 20 shade list on

It is still available online at $ 70.00

Size if you are wondering, is approx. 4  1/4 inches  x 2 inches closed.


temptu said...

Bobbi brown is the best makeup product for every girl.

Ashley said...

i want this soooo bad. just gorgeous. i might have to go out and get it.