Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chanel Bleu de Chanel After Shave for Men

The holidays often bring fragrance shopping for the men as well as the ladies. While looking around the Chanel site awhile back I was thrilled to see the the new  Bleu de Chanel came in a After Shave. Many of the men I know ( and my usual testers) like using after shave and some prefer it over cologne.  The hard part is that few high end brands do after shave. Enter Chanel, and that's a great place to start. ( Hey, men need Chanel too, right ? and it gives us one more excuse to go to the counter).

Bleu de Chanel  is called an after shave lotion, but it's a normal splash type, not any kind of balm.  It's is light but has just enough scent and is very fresh and masculine with a good bit of  citrus, vetiver  and cedar  to my nose.  The Chanel quality  of ingredients is very present  . It quiets on skin about halfway to the drydown, but retains enough scent to be "there" and just right.  My tester really liked it. It's not an earthshatteringly different scent , but one that will be new yet in the realm of comfortable familiarity.

The 100 ml aftershave lotion is $50 . Two sizes of EDT are also available.

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makeup said...

Great for men! My dad use this at home.