Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Land's End Canvas Sweater

  Land's End Canvas is  newer line from Land's End. A little  more fashionable but still great quality. Thanks to Lucky magazines's Alpha Shoppers, I got to try some pieces. I'ds had my eye on the site for awhile, so I was thrilled.

I chose this  hooded cardigan. I am a  cardigan nut and it looked great.

The thing I love about this sweater is that it’s great loungewear as well as realwear. It’s pretty but easy. It can be styled up or down . I have been loving just throwing it on over a lightweight top while hanging at home, surfing the net and getting Christmas decorations up. High points are the ¾ sleeves. Cannot say how much I love that as I have short arms and hate super long sleeves and the hood- so fun and a great touch.

It's very soft and has a touch of alpaca  and wool as well as poly .

A nice touch- a handwritten  thank you note came after the order. That's the kind of customer service  you don't see anymore.

Available now at  Land's End Canvas   for $ 69.50

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