Thursday, June 23, 2011

Juliette Has A Gun " Miss Charming"

Charmed, I'm sure. Well I was. With Miss Charming  and her blooming bouquet of the softest scented roses  that never feel heavy.

If you are a rose lover , and I am, then you too will most likely find this to your  taste. Created by one of my all time favorite perfumers , Francis Kurkdjian for niche fragrance house Juliette Has a Gun,  this rose  is a very true rose  with only a hint of powder .  It's more green and fresh. Miss Charming begins all rose and then some of the fruit notes come in. It never gets too sweet but  you can definitely detect the berry notes. They mesh well with the rose here . Many scents can go too fruity and be all about just that. That doesn't happen here and the ingredient quality is high .

By the drydown a little musk is there but it's still very much a rose scent. Miss Charming is  very feminine  and ladylike  with light sillage and  lasting power  that wears quietly. It's simply pretty .

Juliette Has a Gun and Miss Charming are available at websites , , and  and Henri Bendels in store .

More outlets listed on website as well as the rest  of the perfumes. Check out Lady Vengeance for rose with an edge.

Retail is $ 85.00 for 50ml.

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