Thursday, June 16, 2011

Talbots and Mrs. Obama

Have you noticed the changes at Talbots lately?  For some time they've really stepped up in their fashion and have pieces for all ages and many styles as well as all sizes.  I happened to be in a Talbots yesterday and saw this dress along with several others I liked.  A day later came the photos of Mrs. Obama wearing it.

Called the Shoreline Striped Dress, it's casual/dressy and confortable but not too relaxed. After all Mrs. O wore it to the Congressional Picnic on the White House South Lawn.  Not to mention the diagonal stripes are slimming.

  Other dress highlights were ones made from Rayon and Lyocell. My favorite, a sherbet colored tank style isn't online ( nor is the Shoreline Striped) but this Henley version is. These are super soft and lightweight, making them the weekend dress of the summer.

The Shoreline Striped Dress is $ 169.00 and the  Knit Henley dress is $ 99.00

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