Saturday, June 25, 2011

MAC Semi- Precious Eyeshadows

Within the Semi -Precious collection from MAC are 12 eyeshadows. I'm showing 3 of my favorites - Dark Indulgence, Blue Sheen and Mineral Mode.

Mineral Mode is the one that really caught my eye. It goes on light and champagne looking, nothing too different , but I love the veins of color here. They make it special . More so to me than the deeper shades.
Full list:

Blue Sheen -Melange of navy, black, peach

Clarity- Melange of light pink, off white green, gold, and black

Dark Indulgence -Melange of forest green and black

Faux Gold -Melange of coral, gold, lime, bronze

Golden Gaze- Melange of gold and black

Hint of Sapphire- Melange of pink, violet, teal, copper, blue

Jade’s Fortune -Melange of bright yellow, blue, lime, black

Mineral Mode -Melange of white base with copper and gray

Quartz Fusion- Melange of soft pink, silver, deep pink

Rare Find-Melange of violet, brown, gold

Smoked Ruby- Melange of burgundy and black

Unsurpassable -Melange of green, teal, purple, copper

Semi Precious is on counters July 7. All shades are LE across the collection.

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