Monday, June 6, 2011

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation

The Makeup Show gave up great finds this year as it always does.One this year was Celebre Pro HD foundation by Mehron.

Mehron is a pro brand but anyone can buy and it is very well priced.

The Celebre Pro HD is a cream foundation . It's oil and fragrance free and while creamy is not greasy or heavy. Cream formulas don't always work on my oily skin but this  was not only good, I loved it. Skin looked very perfected and smooth but not overdone . Coverage is medium to full and easly buildable.  I use it all over or sometimes just under the eyes as concealer. It's great for touch ups.

Ingredients include pomegranate and Vitamin E for antioxidants and aloe vera for hydration.

If you've been wanting to try a Pro line and an HD formula but not spend a lot , this is a great choice.  Shade shown is ME2 and the shades range from pale to very dark with eurasian skin suited shades as well ( Pull up the color chart on the site).

Mehron Celebre HD is $ 9.95 at


susan said...

Thanks for the review! How would you compare this to other HD creams like Graftobian?

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Susan,

I have to say I haven't tried that many HD creams yet incl. Graftobian. No matter how much makeup I try there's always so much more to go :) I can say I liked this much better than MUFE HD liquid. I am a big fan of MUFE in general but the HD foundation was good but not something I really loved ( although I bet I am alone in thinking that, I know many who love it. )

Sorry I couldn't be more help. If you try the Mehron or any other, feel free to come back and let me know how it went.

susan said...

I have the Graftobian and really like it! I lucked out and found a perfect match my first try too. I've never tried MUFE, so no arguments there :) I would like to try the Mehron but their shade selection doesn't seem as large as Graftobian's.

Beauty Alchemist said...

I checked out Graftobian's page, and they do have a ton of colors. Mehron color chart shows a smaller choice but if you use the drop down menu a really long list appears. But with no swatches to match the names to, you have no idea what the shade is. I think maybe their website needs a little work .

It's esp. hard to shade match over the web. The one I have is a tiny bit darker than what I would normally use but it works. When I need a new one, I'll go one shade lighter I think.

Good luck with your search

susan said...

I looked at the Mehron shade selections again, and it looks like I would either go with ME4 or Japanesque Fair, or maybe both since they're so inexpensive. It wound really help if they made their site a little more user friendly! Thanks for all your help!

nico said...

hello! would you say that me-2 is an approximate match for a neutral, slightly yellow nc25? id love to try this foundation but i cant seem to decide which shade would fit me. cheers! :)

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Nico,
That is hard to say for sure but it looks fairly close comparing the MAC chart online. I don't have an NC 25 found. handy here to check. But I think I am NW 20 and the Mehron worked for me but as I said was a bit darker than I needed, so it should work for you. Hope that helps. Their site is very hard without a shade chart to go off of.