Friday, July 5, 2013

L'Occitane Eau Ravissante

For Summer, L'Occitane has released a set of Eaux de Cologne . These are like traditional colognes, light, fresh and with varying degrees of citrus.   Eau Ravissante is one of the four new scents.

Eau Ravissante is  a simply lovely combo of rose and citrus and simply perfect for hotter days.

 I love citrus as you may know , so this was easily something I gravitated towards . I happen to love rose as well and the two together are refreshing and light. Essential oils of both bergamot and damascena rose are used here. This is  not a heavy rose , nothing powdery or rich. It's a  just enough  rose , but not too much for lighter wear.

Colognes like this are easy to wear and L'Occitane provides a sprayer  or you can use as  splash the traditional cologne way . Either way you'll feel refreshed. Leave in the fridge for an even cooler boost.

Lasting power is fairly light as with most colognes but it does hang around for a little while.

There are two bottle sizes, one in what I like to call vat size for $ 52.  Now considering the price and the splash  and re-splash as needed idea, it's lovely to get a vat of it in 10.1 oz. A smaller travel size as L'Occitane calls it, of 1.7 oz is $ 30.

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