Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miracle Skin Transformer -Acne Control

Have you spotted the Miracle Skin Transformer in Sephora yet ? It only recently came on my radar and seeing it was meant for oily/acne skin meant the radar went into high gear.  I was a bit skeptical but it sounded like it might have serious potential.

After using it, potential fufilled.  The product is said to help control oil  and fight recurring breakouts while also smoothing and mattifying. So far it seems to do all these things . Well  blessedly I have reached an age when breakouts are far less, so I can't attest to the acne defense totally but my oil is major this time of year so acne can pop up more easily .

Basically I think of Miracle Skin Transformer as almost a BB Cream for oily skin. It does  some of what BBs do but for oily skin. Meaning it offers coverage and in this case it's quite good coverage. Not quite medium but more than light coverage. It also helps perfect making skin look  even and smoothed right off. It's thicker not  thin or runny but not heavy  and applies easily with fingers. Now where a BB would moisturize MST mattes  and there is no SPF.

 I  am always into the matte so I really like this. It's not easy to find a matte primer/perfecting type product. Ones for drier skins are more prevalent.   My oil has been kept at bay well using this under a matte foundation to the point where my T Zone even stays good. That's pretty great. It can be used alone as well .

Ingredients include salicylic acid  at 0.5 % to fight those acne/oilies, sea whip extract and allantoin

There are five shades and shown is Light which is just right for my slightly deeper than fair skin.

Shades are:
Translucent- No color

Available at  Sephora for $ 48 for 1.3 oz tube.


Lea said...

This sounds great, I have oily skin too, especially on my T-zones. Would love to try this also now that summer has already arrived in Middles East. Can you please tell how much does it cost? Great site!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Lea, The price is at the bottom of the post - $ 48.

Thanks for commenting.