Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Polo Red - Ralph Lauren

The first thing that you notice about new Ralph Lauren Polo Red is the striking  bottle. The same style as all Polo but in bright red.  I absolutely love that lacquer red bottle.  I immediately thought of the high shine candy apple red The Dad had on his one pickup truck for years and then read that the red bottle was inspired by Ralph Lauren's car collection. And Lauren's collection is an amazing one from what I've read. As a car buff, I'd love to see it.

The scent is  a tart , woodsy one that if you love unisex scents, might just work for the ladies as well. The berry notes make it a little less all masculine but it's in no way sweet. Lavender is prominent throughout as is cedar and sage. The drydown becomes a little more deeper and just a touch smoky with the amber note.

Polo Red has is not a quiet scent, but it is not heavy either.  It has presence but doesn't bowl you over. Sillage is also very good. It also doesn't remind me of some of  the other Polo scents. This is less green than many of those with the exception of Double Black which is non green and very nice.

This new release didn't quite make it for Father's Day, but would definitely make a nice gift for any other special  days ahead .  I am sure by the holidays we'll see some nice gift sets as well.

Full note list:
Top : red grapefruit, cedrat, red cranberry
Middle : red saffron, lavandin and red sage
Drydown : redwood, amber and coffee berry at the drydown.

Polo Red is available now at Macys , Sephora and other department stores.

125ml $ 76
75ml   $61
45ml   $ 44

Deodorizing Body Spray $ 20
After Shave Balm $ 40
Alchohol Free Deodorant $ 18

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