Thursday, August 15, 2013

NARS Eye Paint- Snake Eyes, Solomon Islands, Tatar

Another one of the fabulous new products that debuted backstage at fashion week were NARS Eye Paints.  It takes awhile from then to launch but they are finally here .

These new gel paints come in a small pot not unlike a few other brands and can be used as eyeliner and eye color. Some are high  sparkle, others satin. There are 10 shades and they pack a lot of pigment.

These are long wearing according to NARS and they've worn well on me . I got about 5 hours of good wear time before some fading. Now if you've read  any of my eye makeup posts before you know I have  bad eye makeup melt, and that means your mileage will almost undoubtedly vary and be better. For me , this was really good. You may , and should, get far longer wear. I also think these will be a great waterline liner. That fast dry, budge proof formula is just what tight lining calls for.

You can tell immediately upon testing that these have staying power. They aren't super creamy and dry down fast. If you use your fingers , you 'll need makeup remover to get the shadow off them.  But they are blendable and easy to use. Solomon Islands is an eye brightening sunny blue and the deep shades make a great , quick smoky eye. I mean, how hot is Snake Eyes ?

NARS Eye Paint will be available on Sept. 1st for $ 25

Shade list:

SOLOMON ISLANDS: Turquoise blue
SNAKE EYES: Black with green
TATAR: Black with purple
UBANGI: Black with blue shimmer

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