Monday, August 19, 2013

Stila CC Color Correcting Stick w/SPF 20

Being a fan of  foundations in a stick, or well makeup in a stick of any kind ( The Multiple anyone ?) , I loved the idea that Stila made their new CC in one and set out to try it.

If you aren't sure yet what CC vs BB is, the quick version is that CC is usually less coverage than a BB, but not always, and CC is color correcting, meaning evening skin tone, reducing redness etc. They, like a BB, have good for skin ingredients and SPF.

Stila's original 10 in 1 Beauty Balm is an excellent one that I've had for awhile and now they've released a CC in a tube as well as this nifty new CC stick.

It's a large , chunky stick with a green center. That center is the redness reducing core - green reduces red. The rest of the stick has peptides, vitamin C and green tea extract , licorice root for brightening and SPF 20. It isn't oil free with sunflower seed oil in the ingredients .

The CC goes on skin easily and provides light coverage. Imperfections, spots are evened a bit and while it isn't matte it , isn't dewy either. More of a satin finish which works well I think.  It feels pretty light on skin and isn't heavy or overly moisturizing.

Of course one of the best things about sticks is portability, If you use the CC for your all day face base, it's easy enough to carry for late day touch ups and also no spills for travel time. Throw in the overnight bag and go.

Stila's CC Stick comes in eight shades and are $ 38. Shade  shown is Light 2.

Available at and Ulta.

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