Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stila Stay All Day 10 in 1 Beauty Balms- Bronzing & Illuminating


Stila has one of the best BB/Beauty Balms of those I've tried.  Their original one is Stay All Day Beauty 10 in 1 Balm and it's very good.  Nice  coverage, lightly moisturizing, it smoothes a little, perfects a little as well as having peptides for skin.

To build on the line and the goodness of the original they now have 3 new versions  -   Stay All Day HD with SPF 30 , the only thing the original one was missing , as well as Illuminating and Bronzing.

I'm all for something that gives me a little color and mixing bronzer into a BB sounds like a great idea. I also don't mind a little illumination, who does? And I have had luck with illuminating primers in the past.

The Stay All Day Bronzing BB is dark when you first squeeze it out as you can see. In the next pic you'll see it blends down pretty well. It definitely gives me a little color and I mainly use it under my makeup. I like a bit of color and I think it's just right on me. I'm pale but not uber pale  and this gives me a nice warm up but it's not in your face noticeable.  I think if you're unsure the best thing would be to grab a sample if Sephora will indulge and try it out. Also, I know many darker skinned ladies have lamented the lack of dark BBs. This might work for them.

The Illuminating BB is quite light and is shown to the left of the bronzing one. This one  has very little color and works on all light skins. The illumination is minimal. It just brightens a tiny bit , wakes up your skin and will not make you shimmer or shine . It's become a fav right now , again under my makeup as a  little boost.

The SPF is 30 in each and is broad spectrum  with both chemical and physical sunscreen.

$ 38 each and exclusive currently to  Sephora   

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