Friday, January 4, 2013

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm Compact

MAC has released into the permanent line a compact version of their Prep+ Prime Beauty Balm.

I love the idea of a BB in a compact as in general I like compact foundations. I'm also a fan of MAC's BB in the tube.

This new compact comes currently in 3 shades, all on the lighter side . Great for us paler gals , but hopefully MAC will release deeper shades eventually. I know there has to be  demand for it.

The formula in the compact is very creamy and moisturizing with murumuru seed butter, soybean and palm oils among it's ingredients, more so than the tube BB which doesn't really have heavy moisturizers in it. It's good on my  winter normal skin but will most likely be too  much moisture for oily skin.

The coverage is good .  Light coverage but definite coverage. It evens out skin tone and dark spots and overall smoothes skin . You get a  high SPF, as with most BBs , of 30. It's broad spectrum as well using both physical and chemical sunscreens .

The three available shades are Extra Light, Light and Light Plus. Light Plus will work for medium skintones .

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 is $30


socialitedreams said...

soon as it comes in non pale i'd try it!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Socialite, Hopefully they will do deeper colors soon. It's rare to see a deep BB and there is a need for that.

Have you looked at Iman Cosmetics? I think they recently did a BB for darker tones. No idea how good it is, but in general the Iman line looks good.