Saturday, January 12, 2013

Downton Abbey Inspired Hair Jewels

 After the season premiere of Downton Abbey and the parade of gorgeous hair jewels , I was inspired/resolved to get some more of my own. I have a few nice ones with rhinestones both clear and colored  but Lady Mary's feather made me want to see what else I could source. That feather was EPIC. Agree?

The first place I thought to head was France Luxe. Purveyor of a huge number of hair accessories.

Naturally the I click on rhinestone choice and the loveliest I see are $200-400. Really. And really -no. Thankfully they have a sale section and plenty of lower priced items.

The  L'Erickson Fern Tigi Boule reminded me  of that Downton Feather. It's $62, then at Nordstrom I spied this Tasha Crystal Feather Hair Clip  and their Vintage Feather Clip , both $ 38 . These feathers look like winners.

If you want something to channel the Laurel Wreath tiara from  the wedding scene , how about this Goddess Tiara also from L'Erickson  at $21  . I know, how many tiara wearing occasions are there ? Maybe that means we need to make more of them up.

Over at Scunci's site they have a lovely colored stone barrette clip. No price and I haven't seen it in  my stores but all their products are generally inexpensive  , usually under $10.

Have any of you got Downton accessory fever ? The combination of being set in 1920 now and a crack costume department are making this season , so far , sartorially splendid.

Unfortunately I've stumbled upon  season 3 spoilers, so while I can't wait to watch more,  fellow fans, look out.

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