Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Minimergency Kit

The Minimergency kit came on my radar more than a year ago at a fashion week.  At that time they were not widely available  and the brand was new to me as it was to most if not all I am sure.  I thought and still think the kit was  cute and a neat idea.  After spying them in Sephora last month I was reminded of them  .

If you haven't seen it , the Minimergency kit is a tiny, and I mean tiny, bag filled with the essential things you might need  in a pinch.  In fact the company recently changed it's name from Ms. & Mrs. To Pinch Provisions.

The kit has things like pain reliever, tissues, stain remover, deodorant towelettes , breath freshener, sewing kit, double sided tape, earring backs.  There are several varieties and you can order some of the items as refills.

I originally thought of these a a stocking stuffer post, but that was in December but I also thought though they would be adorable and timely bridesmaids gifts and it turns out on the company website they have special bridesmaids ones.

My kit measures  3 inches long and easily tucks into a tote  or large handbag. For day trips or any travel it's a great idea and easy to stow away.

Prices range from $ 13-24


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