Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

  Coming soon from NARS is the new Light Reflecting Setting Powder , which might be the finest milled powder I've ever seen and I try/use  a lot of powders .

 It is invisible in the pan, meaning there is no flake off, no particles, when I opened it I thought it was going to be creamy that's how skating rink ice perfect it looked. Honestly, it was kind of weird at first.  NARS says it  " helps skin “shine through makeup,” enhancing the look of foundation and extending makeup wear - all without a trace of color.

That all means  that you get a powder that won't show on skin, will have no build up, not settle in lines etc. It just perfects and finishes   . You can tell skin has been touched up but it's light , barely there .  There is vitamin E & glycerin to fight dryness and it's a mineral based powder.

One of the neat things is the packaging. Good packaging is not a must but always a plus and here NARS tucks the powder compact into a satin 2 compartment pouch. In the front compartment is the thin sponge applicator . There is a band around the outside to secure it .

You can use with a brush or the sponge square .

The pressed formula,  will launch exclusively at Sephora on February 1, but releases on NARS website March 15.

There is also a loose powder version, which I haven't tried.  It  will be available   at the 413 BLKR flagship boutique and beginning January 15. 

Both Light Reflecting Powders are $ 34


Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) said...

Wow this is definitely the brightest white product I've seen in my life. I'm intrigued! Always love brightening powders, when they actually work (and aren't shimmery)

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Catherine, It is WHITE I know. But it goes on totally translucent. There is no shimmer here , and it's very barely there coverage. Just a hint of finish. It's an interesting product for sure. I can't say it brightens a ton though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review!!! Been so excited about the setting powder since I first heard about it! Would you happen to know if it contains talc? Unfortunately, talc makes me itch, so that's the only thing that would prevent me from purchasing what otherwise would seem like a HG setting powder. Keep up the awesome work on your blog! Thanks!!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Anon, I don't know the ingredients unfortunately. I didn't get it in the box which is most likely where ingredients would be listed. It doesn't feel like there is talc in it, but that doesn't mean anything really. It is mineral based, I do that much.

Thanks for the nice words and for stopping by.