Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

 Powders seem to be  taking center stage this year, or at  least this season.  Add to the list a new one from Hourglass

Called Ambient Lighting Powder , there are 6 varieties , each to mimic light effects on your skin. 

I tried Diffused Light, liking the idea of brightening and softness. Even though I don't have that much redness.  Diffused Light is a pale yellow and yellow  in makeup  is often  used to combat redness as well as  sallowness.  It was hard to choose. They all sound nice.

This is a very finely milled powder that goes on sheer and light. You can tell you have powdered, but there is nothing heavy here. It's airy.  Diffused Light helped to keep shine down and warm things up just a bit. There is no shimmer that I can detect, but I don't know if that's true for all colors.

The powders come in a typically elegant Hourglass Compact and they are
free of parabens, talc, fragrance, nano-particles and gluten.

Ambient Light Powder shades: 

DIFFUSED LIGHT: A soft, warm, pale yellow powder. Light your skin with Diffused Light to reduce redness and give skin clarity – like a soft ray of morning light.

ETHEREAL LIGHT: An opalescent sheer, cool white powder. Light your skin with Ethereal Light to mimic a moonlit glow – even in broad daylight. 

RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige powder. Light your skin with Radiant Light to extend a summer glow, or enhance the overall complexion with believable, subtle, warmth.

MOOD LIGHT: A soft, sheer lavender pink powder. Light your skin with Mood Light to mimic the softest most forgiving light and reveal your brightest complexion.

DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder. Light your skin with Dim Light to blur imperfections and highlight a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

LUMINOUS LIGHT: A champagne pearl powder. Light your skin with Luminous Light to create a soft, incandescent candlelit glow – day or night.

Ambient Powder Brush also available with extra soft, high-grade taklon bristles and packaged with a protective travel pouch.

 $45 for each powder, $35 for the brush.

Currently on Sephora .com, in stores Mid February.


Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) said...

Oooh this is the first photo I've seen of Diffused Light. I'm so intrigued by these powders... but picking a shade is difficult. I'm thinking I'll probably go with Radiant Light. But I've been waiting for them to come in stores and to see reviews of the different shades. Thanks for sharing this :)

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Catherine, It was hard for me to pick as well. Radiant Light was my 2nd choice. Although I haven't seen the others in person . Good luck, let me know what one you decide on.

Thanks for stopping by.