Monday, January 21, 2013

Elie Saab Le Parfum Purse Spray Collection

 It's wonderful when you see something new and the packaging just wows you.  Especially when it's not something new but new packaging. That they went to the trouble to make it special . Because while packaging might not be the  biggest thing , it's what in it that comes first , it does/can make a huge difference.

That's the case with the new Purse Spray  from Elie Saab. I took it out  of the box and thought, oh pretty atomizer. Then I wanted to open it and realized it  twists up to get the sprayer. LOVE. It's like a  big lipstick case . And so very chic.

I  am a big fan of the Elie Saab scents and while I prefer the EDP best , the EDT is good as well and this new travel set. comes in both, I have the EDT here . You get the fab main case spray and 2 refills with both.  One full fill is already in the atomizer.

It's good to note too, that even though this looks heavy, it isn't at all. So it really could go in your purse without weighing it down a lot.  Whenever you pull this out to spritz, you'll feel a little more glam .

If you want to know more about the scent of Elie Saab  the EDT  post is here
 and the EDP one here .

Available now at Nordstrom , Saks , Neimans and Bloomies, 

Each refill is  20 ml and the set is $ 78 for the EDT, $ 94 for the EDP with refills only available as well. 

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