Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dove Nutrium Moisture- New Formula

Dove's shower formulas are a staple here , especially in the colder months. Softening. moisturizing, soothing , all things I love .

Now they've gone one step better and improved their already good Nutrium Moisture body washes to  make skin softer and smoother after just one shower with their gentlest cleansers ever.

Want to get in on the #OneShowerChallenge ?  On Emmy night Aug. 25 , along with E! Entertainment , they will host the One Shower Challenge during Red Carpet Coverage. beginning at 6PM EST. Along with two women  being selected to take the challenge during the show , you can request a free sample of the Dove Body Wash by following @Dove  and using #OneShowerChallenge. ( while supplies last. )

  Also you can visit  now to sign up for a free sample to take the One Shower Challenge. 


chatchien said...

This is my Holy Grail shower body wash all year round. It has all sorts of scents so that you can pick the ones that please you the most. And I haven't had any dry patches on my body skin since I started using this several years ago.

I'm using the Pistachio scent now. I prefer to eat pistachios, but the smell is pleasant.

Beauty Alchemist said...

I like the pistachio but not sure I'd want to use all the time. It smells great though. My favs are creme mousse ones but like you said they are all really good.