Sunday, August 10, 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

YSL's Fusion  Ink Foundation has been generating a lot of buzz  for some time, pre -release. Now it's finally here . Being as it's  billed as a lightweight ,  long wear matte,  that's  right in my wheelhouse  . Needless to  say it's  been at the top of my to test list .  It even claims to control  the humidity of your skin. My skin's humidity will put the dewpoint to shame, so......

Does it live up ? Absolutely.

Fusion Ink is a very thin liquid. We're seeing a few new foundations like this lately and more will be coming.  It  feels like waterlight silk going on your skin. Quite lovely , really and not what you expect from a foundation.

Once on it  it's very perfecting with a soft focus matte look. The matte is not flat nor dry and gives more dimension than you might expect with a matte. The coverage is light to medium and a little buildable. If you have acne  blotches or dark spots, you'll probably want concealer , or if you like a little more coverage , then layering your favorite BB or CC under  does really well.

The long wear claim holds up as well. I had oil breakthrough on my nose after a couple hours, but there isn't a foundation that stops that during Summer. But overall wear  was very good , with it still looking good after all day into  late evening. With my makeup melt, for me this was excellent. Potential wear time is up to 24 hours.

There is some technology at work here, the formula which is both mattifying and lightly hydrating  "contains a combination of sensorial and volatile oils which, upon contact with the skin, prompt the transformation from liquid to pigments in a matter of seconds. These oils also facilitate the sensorial experience of application as they swiftly evaporate, leaving behind only pigments and the actives perfectly melded with the skin."

The brand also has exclusively developed 2 actives to better connect the foundation with the skin:

- Lipophilic active: it can absorb 4 times its weight in sebum
and remains active for longer, thereby contributing to a natural,
matte skin texture.
- Hydrophilic agent: a clay-like active formed of a blend of
minerals, carefully chosen for its ability to control the skin’s
humidity over time.

There are 16 shades  and the  glam gold bottle has a wand applicator inside . I'm not terribly into the applicator, called a Plume, but it's meant to take the perfect amount of product  to drop onto hands or touched onto face.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is $ 60

Shade shown is BD10 Warm Porcelain

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