Sunday, August 17, 2014

Eyeko Sport Mascara

Need a mascara that won't budge no matter what?   Check out Eyeko Waterproof Sport.

Sport Mascara is water, sweat and tear proof  and somehow I managed to test them all the first day I tried it. It was warm, I'm always , let's call it dewy and I even had a bit of teary moment unexpectedly. And  the mascara never smudged or ran . It didn't come off during face washing either.

I have to use waterproof formulas all the time and even some of them  smudge on me.  Some feel waterproof ones are dry  but since I'm used to them it's a non issue for me. Here I did notice a little dryness on the lashes but it was also still able to be touched up after a couple hours easily and Eyeko says that it forms an even film on lashes even if you reapply.

Sport mascara is very lengthening and adds some volume . It's smooth, very black  and  several coats went on with only very minor clumping  in one spot.

So if you need to get through an emotional wedding day, jump in the pool or spend the day at the amusement park water rides, Eyeko Sport has you covered.

Eyeko Waterproof Sport Mascara is $ 24 at Sephora

Eyeko's New  Visual Eyes Liquid Liner is a good companion to this. Precise tip and line with long ,  waterproof smudge free wear.  In black, mocha and marine.$ 19

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