Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Burt's Bees Sheer Body Lotion Spray

Spray lotion isn't something new these days but Burt's Bees version is.

 New Sheer Body Lotion is  not an aerosol but a pump spray meaning you get a heavier ( but not too heavy) lotion than many others.  Burt's gives you more hydration , like a pour or pump lotion. It's nicely moisturizing but dries and sinks in quickly.  It works for quick mornings or at nighttime.

The lotion leaves behind a nice scent trail as well that lasts. I love that feature but if you are not into scented lotions,  keep that in mind. There are three scents available and all sound quite good. Mine, Clementine and  Calla Lily is delicious. A  soft floral and peachy citrus scent that's cozy yet full of Spring and light.

Ingredients include glycerin, safflower oil oleosomes, sunflower seed oil and shea butter.  So you get the convenience of a spray with the moisture of a lotion It's all good.

Burt's Bees Sheer Body Lotion Spray is $10 for 8 oz  and comes in Clementine and Calla Lily, Violet and Mango, Cucumber and Aloe.

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