Monday, February 9, 2015

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

Ready for another addition to all the new foundation launches we've seen in the past few months? There have been a lot of good ones but Clinique's new Beyond Perfecting may  well be the best of them.

Beyond Perfecting is described as a concealer and foundation in one. Concealer, there's a step we'd all like to skip , right ?

With it's full coverage , this foundation delivers on concealing and perfecting. This is truly full coverage , but has a lightweight, comfortable feel on skin. It covers and blends well for a soft matte finish that's, to me, more semi matte.  It's not flat, cakey or heavy.

There is a sponge applicator in the bottle and that can touched on spots etc or just swiped on for you to blend in. The formula is thicker , but again doesn't feel that way on.  What you get is skin that is perfected, soft, has a little glow ( but no shine/gleam ) . The wear time is long  ,  with oil spots like the T Zone being pretty well controlled . Clinique says this adds hydration where needed and absorbs excess  oil where needed with " dual sphere particles " .

I love a good full coverage foundation and there was quite a  difference when I used this on one side of my face vs. the other with  a lighter coverage one. The lighter ( medium basically)  coverage one being one that I generally thinks looks quite good.

Clinique is usually good with sampling, so if you're looking for a great new foundation, I'd hit up the counter and check it out.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation is $ 27 at  Sephora and department stores.  ( Shade shown is Creamwhip) .

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