Monday, February 23, 2015

Nexxus Emergencee Shampoo/Conditioner /Treatment

Around here Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructing Treatment is a staple. The Mom has sworn by it for years and when it was dc'd briefly she had me tracking down old stock.  When I needed hair help , that was what I tried and it worked amazingly.  Happily Emergencee Treatment is back on shelves along with new friends like shampoo to help your hair.

You can read about the original Emergencee  HERE, the product is basically the same , a once every 1-2 weeks super hair reconstructer for damage. Now the product comes in a 4 tube box as opposed to the old individual bottle. Nothing works quite like this if you have major hair issues .

New is a Rebalancing Shampoo and Restoring Conditioner to do good things for your hair.  The shampoo cleanses well and gently, doesn't make hair over soft , and is silicone free .  The conditioner smoothes hair surface as well as helping to reduce breakage . The combo works well, our hair is manageable, conditioned but not weighed down and strands look healthy with less split ends, tangles  and hair fallout.

Nexxus Emergencee  line is available now  wherever the  brand is sold.

Emergencee Rebalancing Shampoo is $ 11.99
Emergencee Restoring Conditioner is $ 16.99
Emergencee Reconstructing Treatment is $ 17.99

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