Thursday, February 5, 2015

Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lipcolour- Coral Reef

Laura Mercier brings us an interesting and  very nice  lip color in the new Paint Wash Liquid Lipcolour.

 Paint Wash Liquid Lipcolour is super pigmented, don't let the "wash " in the name fool you , this is not sheer at all.  It's creamy and  has  a semi matte finish .  It's hard to describe how this feels out of the tube. Whipped maybe?   It's light and thin but not runny .  Once on it dries  almost matte but isn't dry feeling or tight and it looks good on lips, no accenting the lines or dry areas.  There's light moisture and it feels comfy on lips.  After a couple hours it wears down to stain, at least on me. Your mileage as they say, may vary.

Shade shown is Coral Reef which is super saturated as are all the others shades I tested in Sephora. The light peach, Golden Peach  really caught my eye as well.  I love the full coverage with these and the formula itself. I'm not usually a big fan of  super matte lips, this is a nice hybrid lip choice instead.

Laura Mercier  Paint Wash Liquid Lipcolour is $ 28 at Sephora .  

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