Sunday, June 28, 2015

Boscia Charcoal Deep Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment

Summer skin means oily , sticky skin and for me a good deep cleanser is a must.

When I saw this new stick from Boscia I was intrigued.  First of all stick cleansers are kind of cool. Anyone remember the green scrub one from Jane Cosmetics circa 1995 ?  I loved that.

Boscia's stick brings pore cleansing charcoal in a swivel up gel product.  To use, wet your skin then run the stick over skin lightly. A little goes a long way here. Once some is on skin , rub it in like any cleanser and rinse. You will get a little bit of black stuff here and there but this is far less messy than some other charcoals I've used. I really had no issue with it.

After skin feels very clean , a little tight but not dry.   Coconut oil is the second ingredient and that helps to keep this from being too drying but another ingredient is glycolic acid which helps to exfoliate and clean out pores.  This is for us oilies out there. If you're dry it won't be for you.

Besides being a great cleanser , the portable aspect is  a bonus Throw it in the gym or travel bag and  never worry about spills or breakage along with it taking up very little space.

Another thing I like ? The scent isn't too strong. I love charcoal for pores, but not that  smell. This keeps it minimal.

Boscia Charcoal Deep Pore  Cleansing Stick Treatment is $ 28 exclusively at Sephora.

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