Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MAC Dazzle Eyeshadow- Le Disko

Serious shimmer and shine fans will want to check out MAC's new Dazzle eye shadow.

Part of the Le Disko line, these pack a glitter pop. They are a soft shadow that blends well but they do leave glitter fallout here and there although not as bad as you might think.

I have two shades and the deep gold one,  I Like To Watch, seems to be far more sparkly than  Say It Isn't So, a grey that has pink sparkle . I love me some shine so I like these . They seem to brighten the eye and define it nicely. I guess because you can't miss that sparkle.  They give an instant "look".

The pigment is good ,  but can sheer out.  My oily eyelids wreak havoc with them ( as they do with most shadows in Summer) but those with drier eyes might do better . They definitely benefit from a primer.

The shadow is fragile and MAC adds a warning paper in the box to note this.

MAC Dazzle Eyeshadow is $ 20, available now and  LE.

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