Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Suave Sea Mineral Infusions - Spray Lotion, Shower Gel & More

Just in time for warm weather comes the Sea Mineral Infusion line from Suave.

Anything sea related just seems apropos right now doesn't it ?

The line is a full one with shampoo, conditioner, salt spray and body products using a blend of  sea minerals .

The Replenishing Spray Lotion  does  a great job. It's quite hydrating with that easy to use , absorbs fast spray and has a pretty, soft aquatic scent.  $ 5.99

Purifying Body Wash has that same aquatic scent in a lightly hydrating shower cream. It's just enough to not be heavy in warm weather but still add some softness to skin and not strip it.  $ 2.99

You can find these new products along with the haircare line at supermarkets, drugstores and Kmart, Target etc.

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