Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cover Girl Stay Luminous Foundation

While I tend to go matte in Summer , I've been using and really liking Cover Girl's new Stay Luminous Foundation.

It's a bit of surprise to me  to like it as much as I do as I am cautious with "luminous". With oilier skin in Summer that's usually a no go.  This however is a definite go.

The finish isn't really super luminous, there's no shimmer or over dewiness. It's more satin. It covers well with medium coverage and the long wear claim has been holding up . After a full day this still looks good and I have to do just one or two powder touch ups on my nose and chin.  My skin looks good, bright , covered but not  heavily done.

The formula is a thicker one, creamy not thin liquid and it blends easily. It's oil and SPF free.

I have two shades, 810 and 820 ( the lightest and next  to lightest. ) Both are working for me , but 820 is a smidge better  right now. So far there are 8 shades available.

Cover Girl Stay Luminous Foundation is available now.


LilyBiscuit said...

Interesting! I'm oily and need coverage. I think I'll try it.
Are the two lightest shades both cool toned? Thanks!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi, late reply here but I'd say they are not too cool. More warm actually. Bu not overly yellow either. Hope that helps.